About The Nurie Museum

PlanThe coloring picture collection in this museum is mainly from the period in which Kiichi was active, from 1945 to 1965. I am actively collecting coloring pictures from before and after that time, as well as coloring books from around the world. I have three criteria for new acquisitions: international flavor, variety, and work that has nostalgic appeal.

1. Entrance and Gift Shop

Entrance and Gift ShopAfter passing through the museum entrance, one enters the world of coloring pictures. At the entrance, the themes of the exhibitions are arranged monthly.
Please enjoy the coloring pictures exhibited in thematic groups: i.e. the seasons, or eras in chronological order.
There is also a gift shop. >>Web shop

2. Corner for Experiencing Coloring

Corner for Experiencing ColoringThere is a corner for directly experiencing coloring.
You may become absorbed in the coloring books, and are invited to color them for hours if you would like to.
We encourage you to return to your childhood, and try to find coloring books that bring back your own, personal memories.

3. Message Board

Message BoardTopics that related to coloring are displayed on the board.

4. Exhibit Rooms

Exhibit RoomsNormally about 200 coloring materials are on exhibit, with coloring pictures by Kiichi forming the core of the exhibition.
Which of Kiichi's young girls is your favorite?

5. Patio (Inner garden)

Patio (Inner garden)There is a sun-filled patio next to the exhibit room.
Please enjoy a moment there during your visit to the museum.
The rare Wukon cherry tree will greet you there.